27 Days of Vegetarianism

Sure, so 27 days wasn’t exactly what I was going for, but let’s not focus on the fact I am a massive failure. No. Let’s focus on the fact that I didn’t eat any meat and fish for a whole 27 days, and that I really enjoyed it! Before I embarked on this “month” of vegetarianism, I wasn’t really sure what I’d eat everyday. I thought I’d get bored. But in actual fact, the very opposite happened. Each day I was genuinely excited to try a new veggie meal and broaden my meat-free horizons. Here are some of the best things I ate during my vegetarian month… well nearly a month.

Chickpea Ketchup Curry
Recommended by a veggie friend of mine, I thought it was about time I gave this Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe a go… reluctantly, I may add. However, despite my initial reservations, this spicy Heinz creation was pretty damn tasty. Kind of similar in some ways to currywurst, which is just fine with me!

Veggie Chilli
This was a favourite of mine during my 27 veggie days, so much so that it’s made it on to my blog – Speedy Veggie Chilli. Served here with chilli-spiked sweet potato wedges and some cheddar cheese quesadillas, I’d be happy to swap my meaty version for this feast any day.

Luckily my favourite London restaurant is a great spot for veggie bites, so a trip to Padella during January was always going to be on the cards. With a starter of fresh bread, burrata and olives, followed by these beauties in the photo below, Padella makes it very easy to be a vegetarian in London!

I LOVE Padella ❤ thanks @kayl_hume 😘 #padellapasta #london #pasta #foodie #italian

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Pad Thai
My girlfriend got me a great cookbook for Christmas called 15 Minute Vegan, which is where this recipe comes from. I substituted the kale for mushrooms, and made a few other little tweaks here and there, and this was the finished product. Super quick to make, and super fresh and tasty. Would happily eat this everyday!

Veggie pad thai… Yum! #veggie #vegetarian #noodles #padthai #vegan #foodie #fdbloggers

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Baked Rice
After meaning to try this dish for a while, I finally gave it a go during my vegetarian days, and let me tell you it was one of the highlights of the month! Cheesy from the mozzarella, salty from the olives, and just generally packed with flavour, you’ll be seeing an inspired version making it to the blog very soon.

Before embarking on this challenge I probably never would have gone to a vegetarian restaurant. After being to Sagar in Covent Garden I’m pretty gutted I’ve missed out on it for so long. The paneer and potato stuffed dosa was a definite highlight, and a reason in itself to visit again very soon!

AMAZING meal tonight at Sagar 👌🏻 #indianfood #london #vegetarian #veggie #friyay

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Avo Toast
Normally I’d have this breakfast with a side of crispy bacon, but during my veggie challenge halloumi took its place. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss bacon over the past few weeks, but I’d also be more than happy to swap it out with halloumi from time to time too. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Veggie Frittata
I LOVE a frittata, and generally it’s not something I’d ever add meat into anyway, so this was a great veggie lunch idea for me. This one is packed with red onion, broccoli, sweet potatoes, red chilli and plenty of Gruyère cheese.

Kid’s Dinner
Last, but definitely not least, is this absolute beaut. Would you judge me if I said this was one of my highlights? The discovery of Quorn chicken nuggets has changed my life. Throw in some potato waffles, spaghetti hoops and loads of grated cheese, and you’ve got a pure and utter delight!


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