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  1. Karolina Barnes

    Hi Lindsay, I’ve been following you on Twitter and was wondering whether you would be interested in a collaboration. My readers are busy mums with kids who don’t have much time cooking. I’m an interior designer based in Kent and my blog features not only interiors, inspirations and fashion but also business and cooking. Now the cooking side of my blog is very tiny. I’ve put up only few recipes which we did with my kids but I want to expand this feature little bit more. I know the mums read it because when I speak to them they mention the recipes however my time is very limited and creating a food post takes so much more time than my other posts. I am a firm believer in home cooked meals. I cook for my kids everyday. We don’t buy ready meals or have takeaways but I know lots of mums who don’t know how to cook properly and so they feed their kids with lots of junk.
    So I was thinking whether I should have more recipes on my blog and show people that creating a nice meal from scratch is not so difficult and time consuming as they might think. I always have to think about the fussy eaters (the kids) so I was wondering whether you could help and collaborate with me. By that I mean whether you’d be interested in featuring some simple family recipes on my blog.
    You can email me to discuss this further if you want.
    Many Thanks

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