Prezzo – The New Menu: Review

Believe it or not, we are now well and truly into spring, and with that comes several new and updated restaurant menus. I was lucky enough to get invited, along with a guest, to try out Prezzo’s new spring menu a few weeks ago, and I have to say, we were pretty impressed.

Now, before we get to the review itself I think it’s important to mention that before this experience I had never really thought an awful lot of Prezzo. I had never had a bad meal there, but I had never really had an amazing meal there either. Nevertheless I walked in to New Oxford Street’s branch on 30th March with an open mind and looking forward to trying the springtime dishes on offer.

Prezzo starter

After a quick glance at the menu there was absolutely no question about what we would be getting for starter. It just had to be the brand new Italian Sharing Board, although I would have been quite happy polishing it all off by myself! A selection of Prezzo’s best bits which included Italian hummus, crispy crab bites, calamari, deep fried mozzarella, charcuterie with marinated olives and grilled flatbread. The Italian hummus and crispy crab bites were definitely our favourites, although every element of the sharing platter was just great. Washed down with an Aperol Spritz, it made for a fantastic starter.

Prezzo pizzaPrezzo pasta

For mains we decided to share the Trio of Pork V.I.Pizza, along with the Asparagus and Mascarpone Panicotti and some Truffle Oil Infused Fries. All in all everything was pretty good. The pizza had a hint of spice and a nice hit of fennel as promised, however, we probably didn’t need to go for the largest option – it was massive! The pasta was lovely, really light and fresh with strong favours of asparagus, lemon and mint. I do wish the pasta had more of a sauce though, as it was a little dry with just a small amount of butter. The fries were very strong of truffle and had a generous amount of parmesan, exactly what you’d want from a dish like this. We decided on a red wine to accompany the meal and it was absolutely amazing. An Italian wine called Morellion Di Scansano which I cannot recommend enough.

Prezzo dessert

After a few takeaway boxes and a long break we decided to share the Sticky Toffee Pudding from the old menu. Perhaps not the best choice after such a big meal, but it was really tasty! The service throughout the meal is something that should also be mentioned. The waiting staff could not have been more friendly and attentive if they tried, and we were both really quite impressed with the staff from start to finish. At the end of the meal, a waitress brought us over a shot of Grappa and Limoncello and then we left with enough food for lunch the next day.

Overall my opinion of Prezzo has definitely changed. Although I think there is still room for improvement, I would definitely head back and recommend elements of the new menu to friends and family. Our definite highlights being the sharing platter, the wine and the service. Thanks for having us!


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