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Breakfast & Brunch
The most important meal of the day, so they say. And as a massive breakfast and brunch fan, I totally agree. Why not kick start your weekday or a lazy weekend with one of these choices?

Smaller Dishes
Soups, sides and smaller snacks. This is the section for you if you’re looking for a light bite to eat.

Meat Feasts
There’s no hiding from it, I’m a big meat-eater. Here are a selection of some of my favourites for my fellow carnivores out there!

From pastas and orzottos, all the way to curries, there’s lots you can do with seafood.

Veggie Options
We eat far too much meat here in the UK… I’m a big culprit of that myself. Sometimes a veggie meal is well needed. These are my favourite ones to cook.

Sweet Treats
It’s no secret that I have a very big sweet tooth. Brownies, ice cream, cakes – if it contains sugar then I’m there!

Hot drinks and alcohol, and sometimes together. What could be better?