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cover photo for speedy veggie chilli

A few months ago I decided that despite eating and enjoying a wide range of foods and different cuisines, I have far too much meat and fish in my diet. I know I’ll never be someone who can permanently give up these things for good, and nor do I want to. I really love meat and fish! But what I do want to do, is eat a lot less of these food groups going into the new year, which is why I have decided to embark on a month of vegetarianism.

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Butternut and Bean Chilli

I have often found that some of my best ever recipes have come from using random leftovers from my cupboards and fridge. A few weeks ago I was in a very lazy mood and with the weather being terrible outside I just couldn’t bring myself to go out. The problem was that I really wanted chilli con carne, but had no mincemeat. In fact, I had no meat defrosted at all. Despite the nearest supermarket being not even 50 yards away, leaving my nice warm flat to get some beef mince was just not an option. Instead, I found myself holding a random butternut squash that I had just happened to find sitting in the back of my fridge.

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