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Chilli Chorizo Scotch Eggs

A few days ago I sat down and wrote out a rather lengthy ‘comeback’ blog post for you all to read. I intended to post it explaining why I hadn’t been blogging recently, what I had learnt during my break and what I was planning on posting in the future months. I felt like I had to explain my absence to you all, but then just as I was about to hit publish it suddenly occurred to me that the world probably didn’t care about why I hadn’t been blogging. I mean to be honest, the world probably didn’t even really notice. So I thought to myself, what would people like to read about instead of my life story… and there was only one answer. Chorizo.

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Spicy Chorizo Hash

Brunch without a shadow of doubt has to be one of my most favourite things about the weekend. Actually no, not just the weekend but one of my most favourite things about life in general. If I were to get up at 6am on a Tuesday morning and cook myself a steak for breakfast then I would most definitely be judged. People would think I was crazy, maybe a pig even. Not that I’m overly bothered about peoples opinions on my eating habits, but I guess eating steak at 6am isn’t exactly “normal”. Fast forward to the weekend and add 5 hours on to that clock and eating a steak in the morning becomes perfectly acceptable. Brunch is never a judgemental occasion which is why I absolutely love it.

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Cod Chorizo and Chickpea Stew

I am a firm believer that chorizo should be used as much as possible. Whenever you think a dish is lacking something, the chances are that it probably just needs a bit of chorizo thrown in. I mean I wouldn’t recommend throwing it in a trifle or a vegetarian curry but you catch my drift, right? Chorizo is just awesome and can be used to enhance so many regular dishes into something really special.

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