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Lamb Rogan Josh

Apparently we are now in spring. Foodwise this normally means that we begin to head away from proper winter comfort food and start cooking and eating lighter, more seasonal meals. We all have our favourite spring time meals. Ones that we associate with the longer evenings and the blooming of flowers, but as I look outside today I see absolutely no indication of this season change whatsoever. If anything it feels like we are reverting back to autumn. With grey skies, rain and naked trees it just seems wrong for me to start making a spring roast chicken or a pasta primavera. Instead, like the weather, I too have decided to stay in the past by continuing to cook warming comfort food until the weather decides to cooperate.

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Chicken and Spinach Curry

Spinach has to be one of my favourite ingredients. Look, I know I say this about EVERY ingredient I use, but with so many amazing tastes and flavours out there surely it’s only right to have multiple favourites? I mean, how are you meant to just say one answer when someone asks what your favourite food or meal is? After listing several hundred ingredients and meals I just love, the real answer always emerges and that is, I just can’t decide. A sufficient answer I say! Anyway I digress, back to the matter in hand, my love for spinach.

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Keema Aloo

For a while now I have been suffering from a very severe case of writer’s block. I normally know exactly what I want to write about a dish before I even sit down with my laptop, but for some reason this dish has caused me many problems. Perhaps my full attention hasn’t been on the task at hand. I mean being a food blogger it is very easily to get distracted by, well… food. Now, the problem I’ve had with writing about this dish is that each time I’ve had a little case of writer’s block I’ve used it as an excuse to go and make the entire dish again. Do you know how many Keema Aloo’s that is? Well let me tell you, it’s a lot! Not that I’m complaining, I mean Keema Aloo is one of my favourite dishes, but perhaps that’s why I’ve been making so many excuses, so I can keep eating Keema rather than writing about it!

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