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Prezzo pizza

Believe it or not, we are now well and truly into spring, and with that comes several new and updated restaurant menus. I was lucky enough to get invited, along with a guest, to try out Prezzo’s new spring menu a few weeks ago, and I have to say, we were pretty impressed.

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Amazing Olive Bread

The smell of fresh bread, in my opinion, is well up there with some of the best smells in the world. Along with freshly cut grass, newly washed linen and summertime BBQ’s, home cooked bread really is one of the most comforting smells you can find. I’ve always found it fascinating how a single smell can somehow transport us back to a certain memory from our lives. For me, the scent of freshly baked bread reminds me of occasional trips to the local bakery after school with my Mum. Although fresh bread was never mine or my sister’s choice of treat, the smell will always remind me of these times.

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